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January 15, 2020

After just launching my new website and changing a few things in my business for 2020, you might have noticed that I reference the term “hybrid photography” throughout my site. Today’s blog post is going to break this topic down for those of you who want to know more about what that means.

In the world of photography, there are a lot of different types of photographers out there using a wide range of equipment and specializing in so many different areas. It can be overwhelming if you are just starting out and not sure of what direction to go in. For me, I knew early on that I loved photographing weddings and families and have stuck to that as a specialization pretty much from the beginning.


I started out my career with a simple digital camera (Canon T3) and worked my way up to some of the professional-grade equipment (Canon 6D, 5D Mark iii) fairly quickly because of the demands of wedding photography. Wedding days are fast-paced, often with tricky lighting, and are super long requiring a lot of power and speed to keep up with the thousands of photos you might take.

After I graduated college which was right at the beginning stages of my photography career, my brother and his family gifted me with a small film camera. I was kind of intimidated at first and didn’t touch the camera for a whole year because I honestly had no clue how to use it. After that year, I pulled it out and decided it would be a fun little side experiment since I had heard and seen a lot of good things about film photography especially in the wedding industry. Fast forward a couple of years and I had fallen in love, slowly integrating more and more film into my work over the years.


Most of 2019 I spent shooting about 50% of my work on film trying to work out the kinks and get more and more comfortable with it. By the end of 2019, I decided it was time to officially become a “hybrid photographer” which just means that I shoot both with digital and film cameras on any given day. Now it has a larger presence in the way that I talk about my work and I am very excited to see what it brings in 2020!


What Is Hybrid Photography?

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"To say Lex was the easiest to work with would be an understatement. She makes your sessions so personal, is very easy to talk to, and her work is seriously top notch. We will be using her for every event possible from here on out. She made our wedding such an ease and was so amazing to work with! She is fantastic and I would recommend her to anyone!"

- Tanner + Jenna

"Lex is absolutely amazing to work with and a joy to be around. The images she captured from our big day are stunning. We would be thrilled with only a few of the photos that’s how beautiful they are. Will forever be thankful for her being a part of our special day."

- Kyle + Hillary

"Lex immediately made us feel relaxed at our engagement session, which continued over to the wedding day. She is so laid back, has amazing ideas and makes sure to incorporate what you want in your photos as well. She is fun to be around and makes the day special! Great quality photos- just beautiful- and great price for what you get. Cannot recommend her enough!

- Gabe + Tess

"Lex was a great photographer to work with for our wedding! She has such a great talent for making the pictures feel effortless. Leading up to the wedding, she gave suggestions about the day of timeline in order to keep things moving, and it helped to take some of the planning stress off of us. I would definitely recommend Lex for anyone looking for a photographer in the Indianapolis area!"

- Mike + Allison