My approach focuses on capturing

the everyday            that make up our                wild + free lives.



The session Experience


To sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. Working with me isn't meant to add stress or make you worry. With a little bit of planning ahead of time, lots of guidance on my end, and an open afternoon or morning, we will create magic together all the while just living your life and enjoying the company of your most beloved people. In the end, you will be left with a handful of carefully curated and authentically you images of memories that live on your walls not just in your heart.


initial Inquiry + Consult

Fill out the contact form and I will get in touch with  a few questions about your vision and dream of a session. 


Once we determine the right direction to go, I will send a contract with payment plans to make things official. 

Plan the Session

We will set the date, time, and location of the session. We will also plan outfits (client wardrobe access!) and make final arrangements to ensure a smooth and simple experience.

Have the session 

Show up with a laid-back heart and let me take care of the worries. Let your kiddos be their wild + free selves but also feel free to bribe with ice cream if you have to. ;) 

Deliver Gallery

It will be shot mostly on film depending on weather and lighting. Then I have to send the film out to be processed and scanned digitally. I will make my final tweaks and you should receive your gallery within 3-4 weeks of your session date.

Of course! This is usually something I try to capture right at the beginning of our time together before outfits get messy or kids start to stray. Even though my sessions are candid-heavy, I always try to make sure I get a handful of smiling at the camera images because those are special too. :)

Will we get a photo of us all smiling?

My approach is designed to work with a child''s nature rather than against it by being more candid focused. You can be sure that I will give verbal instructions, have some bribery treats on hand, and share lots of encouragement with everyone so that you feel calm and relaxed rather than stressed. 

What kind of guidance do you give?

I think it's important that you talk with your children ahead of time to explain what is expected of them and what we will be doing. I however will also be ready to handle whatever comes. After being in the business for 10+ years and becoming a mama myself, working with kids is not something I stress about. Letting them be themselves and maybe even guide us through is the best thing we can do!

How will you handle my crazy kids?

Since I shoot the majority of my sessions on film, it takes a little longer than the average digital photographer to get your photos back. But that time means a lot of heart and soul is going into each image. Film causes us to slow way down, be incredibly intentional and create with purpose. 

How long does it take to get our gallery?

I believe the season of raising littles is filled with wild unpredictability mixed with incredibly beautiful moments we want to cherish forever. I also believe we should be free to live this season with open arms and soft hearts that reject the outside pressures of having it look a certain way. That's why I feel called to offer a wild + free experience where no one has to act perfectly but rather be themselves. Candids are where it is at!

What is a wild + free session?

I will send you a link to access the client wardrobe digitally once you book the session. It is filled with dozens of dresses for mamas who rarely take the time to spend money on themselves. You deserve to look and feel amazing too!

How do we access the Client wardrobe?

Frequently asked questions




Head to my contact page to fill out a form. I am so excited to get in touch with you and can not wait to create emotive and heartfelt imagery that you will cherish for years to come!

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