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I’m Lex and I am so glad that you are here! I live in a small town in West Central Indiana where the stoplights are few and the people are sincere. 

God instilled in me a desire to become a photographer several years ago, and that desire has led me to where I am today. I live to serve and love others through photography and everything that I do. I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not perfect, but the saving grace of Jesus Christ gives me the motivation to keep living this life.

I find so much joy in sipping a cup of coffee, snuggling our dog Lincoln and going on dates with my high school sweetheart (who I married when I was only 20). We love to travel, eat that terrible movie-theater popcorn and spend time with our families. If I’m not sitting behind my computer in my office, I am likely shopping at a flea market to find the latest décor steal, running through the drive-thru at our local ice cream parlor or reading a book in our sunroom.

Whatever it is that I am doing, it is done in the pursuit to live this life joyfully while serving others and praising Jesus. 

About Lex

my journey


The deep desire to better my craft turned a hobby into a part-time job. When the part-time job became more important to me than what I was going to school for, it became my focus in life. The more experience I received in the field of photography, the closer I reached to understanding why my passion grew so quickly. Photographs are life’s way of preserving moments that go away in time.

The more moments I photographed and the more weddings I was a part of, the clearer that became in my mind. What I do matters and is significant in this life. The photos I take will be looked at and cherished for years to come by my client's families, friends, co-workers and so on.

God took a desire in me to learn more about a hobby and transformed it into a passion that gives my life purpose. Being a photographer means more than just a few clicks of a button - it means taking the opportunity to preserve sweet, significant moments in life that come and go. 

My love of photography started when I was in college majoring in Dietetics. I know, my major had nothing to do with photography but that's part of the story! Taking pictures started out as something fun to do when I didn't want to do schoolwork, and it evolved into a full-blown hobby that I fell head over heels for. I just couldn’t stop learning and experiencing all that photography had to offer.

From there, I photographed some of my family and friends and not long after, I booked my first wedding. I wasn’t really sure where it would lead me and to be honest, it started as mostly a creative outlet that distracted me from the stress of my college homework. However, my desire to learn more, photograph more, and see all that photography had to offer was indicative that my hobby had become more than just that. It was something I felt like I was called to do.

my journey







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Living in a small town + decorating our old home.


Snuggling and taking naps with our dog Lincoln.


Traveling the world with my husband + family.

My high school sweetheart whom I married when I was only 20 years old.

Pink peonies + reading scripture with SheReadsTruth books.

Reading a good book + sharing education with like-minded women.

things i love

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-Oahu, Hawaii 
-Washington D.C. 
-Hilton Head Island
-Perdido Key, Florida
-St. Louis, Missouri 
-San Diego, California
-Las Vegas
-Niagara Falls

Despite living in a small town, my heart fills the space of the world. I love to travel and have somehow managed to bring my husband onto the bandwagon. I can distinctly remember my father-in-law’s words as he gave a toast at our wedding, “son, let her take you to places you don’t care to go.” It felt strange to hear at the time but now carries so much relevance in our marriage.

We love to travel and make it a priority every year. There is something so intriguing about seeing what the world has to offer. It makes this small town that we live in less constricting and at the same time, a peaceful place to come home to.

traveling heart


-Maui, Hawaii 
-New York City
- Italy 

I live in the same small town that I grew up wanting to get away from. After strutting off to college, marrying my high school sweetheart at the age of 20 and graduating with a degree totally unrelated to photography, I ended up back where it all started. After all, when you grow up a bit and realize what is important in life, you start to understand that home isn’t a place on a geographical map. It’s a place where your people are and my people are here. In this small town it takes 15 minutes to drive 15 miles and I kind of love that. With major cities only an hour away (for those times when I really just want to shop), our home has become a pretty special place that I’ve learned to love.

Our Home


After purchasing our first home (built in 1890), I quickly feel in love with decorating. Ever since I was a little girl and watched home renovation shows, I couldn't wait to start making our house into a home with personal touches and passed-down antique furniture. Because it is really old, it has it's fair share of imperfections but we feel so blessed to call it home. 

"One year later and we still look through our pictures and love each and every one of them!"

haley + clayton

We chose to use Life By Lex for our wedding photography because we were nervous to have someone we had never met take our photos. My husband and I wanted someone that we could trust capture our special day! What's better than to find someone I have known nearly my whole life?! We could not have picked someone better! We had little experience with how weddings worked and were very thankful for Lex being flexible and working with us! One year later and we still look through our pictures and love each and every one of them!

erica + brett

"Lex did our wedding photos and could not have captured our day more perfectly."

Lex did our wedding photos and could not have captured our day more perfectly. We got married in the middle of July so our wedding was hot to say the least and Alexis didn't let the heat stop her for a second. She captured exactly what we wanted and took amazing pictures at the ceremony from all angles! She was extremely organized and kept in touch with me from the day I booked her until up even after the wedding! She made a timeline and schedule for us and really kept our whole wedding party on track! My husband is very camera shy and hated the idea of getting professional photos but Alexis put us both right at ease making us both feel super comfortable. I was even able to convince him to get some family photos after the wedding "as long as Alexis does them" he said. Overall, we have had nothing but great experiences with her and she has taken photos we will cherish for a lifetime!

"Our experience with lex is something we will never forget."

taylor + austin

Our experience with Lex is something we will never forget. Finding the perfect photographer to capture one of the most important days of our life was very important to us, and we can honestly say that we found just that. Lex provides couples with helpful tips, a relaxed/fun/judgement-free atmosphere for photos and an end product that is genuine and true to their relationship. We will forever cherish the beautiful wedding and engagement photos she blessed us with and would recommend Life by Lex Photography to others without hesitation.

"we just finished up our third session with Lex and it was just as good as our first."

Sam + zach

I have known Lex since middle school and she's always been one of those genuine people to be around, not much has changed. Last year we were looking into getting "8 month" milestone pictures done for our daughter. Our first experience with Lex was GREAT! She was patient with our baby and was all about simplicity which was a plus! We just finished up our THIRD session with Lex and it was just as good as our first. Simple is best when choosing your photographer and that is just what Life By Lex is all about. 

"If you want pictures that you will fall in love with, Lex is the person for you!"

julie + jb

The first time we met Lex was our engagement session. We live out of state so I took a chance and booked her after viewing her website and talking with her through email. Even though we hadn't met before and my husband and I are somewhat shy we all got along great and it was like we had known her forever. We were very happy with our engagement photos so were really looking forward to having her shoot the wedding as well. We definitely made the right choice in choosing Life By Lex Photography! Our wedding pictures are absolutely amazing, and exactly what I wanted. We ended up purchasing all of our photos! I had some printed on wood right away and they are the focus of our gallery wall in our living room. If you are wanting pictures that you will fall in love with, Lex is the person for you! 

"she knows exactly how to catch the "real life" moments that I so love to have."

kayla + josh

From maternity photos to newborn pictures, capturing all ages of my babies and then family sessions, Alexis has been documenting our every day life and special moments for years. I love looking at the photos and remembering that exact day every single time! My walls are covered with her beautiful pictures, and she knows exactly how to catch the "real life" moments that I love so much. She's relaxed, engages well with my kiddos, and helps us all feel comfortable during our session. Truly love her work!

"She was even able to catch our grandparents smiling in pictures (which almost never happens!)."

kelsea + cory

Lex is an amazing photographer! We did a wedding package with her and she made the entire process very easy. From the million emails I sent her asking questions to the day of the event (when not everything was right on schedule), she was very calm and was prepared for everything that was thrown her way. We loved all of our pictures from the engagement session to the wedding day. She was even able to catch our grandparents smiling in pictures (which almost never happens!). We definitely cherish all of the moments she was able to capture! We highly recommend using Lex for any and all occasions.


Mentoring: $150


Starting at $2,250 

Planning a wedding is kind of a big deal and choosing your photographer can be so hard! Because after the day is over, the cake is eaten, and your family has gone home, what you are left with are photos. Those photos will be what you show your grandkids one day and investing in them shouldn't be taken lightly.


Starting at $250

Maybe you are about to have a baby, already have two at home, or are well into the making of your family. Wherever you are in your life, it deserves to be documented. With my lifestyle and laid back approach, let's work together and photograph your beautiful, crazy life!


the details

Photography is a big world out there and at times it can feel lonely. As a self-taught photographer who wished she had someone come along side of her a time or two, I have made it my goal to share what I've learned over the years with others so that they never have to feel that way. 

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It is a gift to be able to photograph the lives of the people around me, and I never want to take it for granted. I truly cherish the decision people make in asking me to photograph them on their wedding day, days after the birth of their new baby, or years into the making of their family. This life we are living is meaningful. It has a purpose, and my job to document that is incredibly important.

I’m not your run-of-the-mill photographer. I delight in taking candid, natural images that truly encompass the people in them. The photos I take are meant to pull at your heartstrings and be cherished for years and generations to come. I have always felt called to go beyond the typical and reach for the extraordinary in each image that I take. Taking the ordinary moment out of a day and capturing it through the lens of my camera to make it extraordinary is something I focus on in each session.

I take special care to provide each client with the best possible experience. Part of that experience is investing my time and attention into each person that I work with. Since one of my favorite things about being a photographer is getting to know and form relationships with my clients, I make it a priority to limit the number of weddings  and sessions that I take on each year. By being strategic with my bookings and time, I am able to provide a better individual experience in addition to having more time to spend with my husband, dog, and family which is my ultimate goal. 

my Philosophy




-Complimentary engagement session
-All day wedding coverage (up to 9 hrs)
-A second photographer
-Consultation + communication leading up to the big day
-An online gallery of high resolution images (up to 600)
-Digital downloads of all images
-PDF guide to help prepare for day of
-3 year backup of gallery
-35-page heirloom album



-Complimentary engagement session
-All day wedding coverage (up to 8 hrs)
-A second photographer
-Consultation + communication leading up to the big day
-An online gallery of high resolution images (up to 500)
-Digital downloads of all images
-PDF guide to help prepare for day of
-2 year backup of gallery


Don't be intimidated by a number. Think about the end product and consider what you are investing in. To me, photography is more than just a product, it is a service and you can take heart in knowing that when I provide my services, it is done with love, care, and creativity. I find so much joy in spending an entire day with a couple and their family and friends that it's almost easy to even forget that I am there for photos. When it is all said and done, your gallery will bring tears to your eyes. You will get to relive the day you planned, dreamed, and fulfilled in a flash every time you look at your photos. That's an investment worth making. Trust me. I'm not just a photographer. I've been a bride too!

-Complimentary engagement session
-All day wedding coverage (up to 7 hrs)
-A second photographer
-Consultation + communication leading up to the big day
-An online gallery of high resolution images (up to 400)
-Digital downloads of all images
-PDF guide to help prepare for day of
-1 year backup of gallery

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Loves to travel and explore new places.

the life by lex


Has to have jean jackets, summer dresses, sandals, and skinny jeans in her closet.

the life by lex


Enjoys reading her bible in the morning sunlight while sipping a cup of coffee.

the life by lex


Knows that planning her wedding is great but that marrying her best friend is what it's
truly about. 

the life by lex


Views an ideal Friday night as sitting on the couch watching Netflix and eating
buttered popcorn. 

the life by lex


Loves a timeless and classic look but isn't afraid of color. 

the life by lex


Is laid back but pays attention to the details and plans carefully. 

the life by lex


Spends her free time at family cookouts roasting marshmallows over the fire. 

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