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Memory driven PHOTOGRAPHY For      wild + Free at Heart


emotive motherhood, newborn, and family PHOTOGRAPHY

LIVE INto the wild + Free
life you feel called to

and let me document it on film

As you rock your baby to sleep and wonder when the day will finally be over you glance up on the wall and see yourself framed beautifully snuggling their dimpled little cheeks. The photo is a reminder of the beauty and grace we live out in this season of life of raising children and leaning into the gifts motherhood has to offer. These days are truly beautiful, at times sanctifying, and most certainly stretching yet filled with so much of God’s glory. There is emotion, joy, and gratitude filling your heart to the brim as you savor a moment soon to be gone. Having it documented is something you will treasure forever. THAT is why you work with me. 

LIVE INto the wild + Free
life you feel called to

behind the camera

It's Me, Lex

I'm married to my high school sweetheart, a mama to 3 precious babies we fought for through infertility, a grace-filled believer, and a film

photographer seeking to capture the wild beauty of everyday life at home and in the lives of my amazing clients. I'm also a friend, and a creative who is incredibly passionate about sharing my love for motherhood, our home, baking, living slowly, and growing in my faith with those around me via blog posts, free resources, and education. I'm so grateful you are here.


        wild + Free
 session Experience

Much of our days can be filled with wild chaos where we are rushing from one thing to the next with minimal time spent sitting back and just experiencing the beauty of it all. But I believe we are called to more than that. Not more in the sense that we add to our to-do list but more in the sense of depth and meaning. I believe we are called to live our wild days of raising children with the freedom to enjoy the smallest of details. Slowing down, savoring, and showing gratitude for each season of life is a beautiful thing. And that is what my work intendeds to help you do. I've designed my sessions to be laid-back, simple, and as stress-free as possible. With a little planning and a lot of guidance on my end as well as access to my client wardrobe and a free moment in your calendar, we will create a handful of beautifully curated imagery reflecting the memories you are storing up in your heart of this current season of life. 

Lex is great with kiddos making the sweetest                         pictures look like they were on purpose. It's a timeless and worthwhile investment. The portraits she   has taken for us make me                                                              in the moment every time I see them!


pause and evelope

—  Brook: Family + Motherhood Client

Lex is easy to work with and is very                                      with photographing kids. I am always excited to view the galleries after she’s done. The hardest part is narrowing down which photos to get printed because they are all                                         She’s the best!



—  Rachel: Family + newborn Client

As always, thank you so much!! We love our photos! They’re                                   Can’t thank you enough. You are so good at what you do! Thanks for always helping us capture our family so              



—  Robyn: Family + newborn Client

Our photos are                                      and so special to us. We will truly cherish them forever. Lex did such a wonderful job capturing our Ollie even while he was constantly on the move.


—  audi: Family Client

let's CAPTURE YOUR MOSt                
MOMENTS together


MOMENTS  together


Based just outside of Indianapolis but willing + able to travel most distances in the Central Indiana area + beyond. Ready to experience a session that will leave you tearing up each time you look at the images?

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