After just launching my new website and changing a few things in my business for 2020, you might have noticed that I reference the term “hybrid photography” throughout my site. Today’s blog post is going to break this topic down for those of you who want to know more about what that means. In the […]

What Is Hybrid Photography?

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As is fairly common during this time of year when you are a photographer, life and work are incredibly busy! I had a really slow summer which was nice and unexpected but am now transitioning from that into a very full season of weddings and sessions. Thankfully, I knew this was going to happen and […]

How I Am Managing The Stress of Busy Season

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This past Sunday, I had the privilege of setting up a booth at the PWG Indianapolis Winter Wedding Show. It was so much fun meeting so many amazing couples planning their wedding in 2019 and 2020! A lot of time and work went into getting my booth ready and I am so happy with how […]

PWG Winter Wedding Show


It’s back and we are so excited! Abbey and I announced this workshop a few days ago and so I wanted to hop on here and update you all on the sign-up list.   We are already half full!!!     Here are the details again in case you missed it on Facebook…   After […]

The Hobbyist Workshop #3

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One of the easiest ways to get the most out of your photos may be simple but rarely is done in this day of age. I’m talking about physical prints, friends. With the rise in digital delivery of images, I’ve found even myself, forgetting and not prioritizing the physicality of actually printing my own photos. […]

My Favorite Shops to Print From

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