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April 10, 2018

It’s back and we are so excited! Abbey and I announced this workshop a few days ago and so I wanted to hop on here and update you all on the sign-up list.


We are already half full!!!



Here are the details again in case you missed it on Facebook…


After receiving a ton of messages and interest in hosting more workshops, Abbey Elaine Photography and I are FINALLY hosting one again! We are calling it a “pop up” because it has been on our calendar for weeks but our lives have been sooo crazy (Abbey w/traveling and spending time with family and myself w/moving randomly and just now finally getting “back to work”) that we are just now having the chance to announce it.

DATE: April 28th at 9am OR at 2pm. We are offering two different times this go around. Each lasts about two and a half hours.

TOPICS: We will be going over how to use your camera, how to shoot in manual mode, how to compose a photo, and how to take your photos to the next level. We will also do some live demonstrations and allow you to practice what we’ve discussed.

OTHER DETAILS: Class size is limited to 10 people so that we can be more individual with our assistance. Drinks and snacks will be provided. The cost is $75.

HOW TO SIGN UP: Send an email to with the time you want to choose and we will provide instructions on how to pay.

We are so excited to continue to share our passion and help teach others about their cameras! Please share this if you know someone that wants to learn more about photography.


The Hobbyist Workshop #3

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