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March 28, 2018

Last year during my mother’s spring break, we decided on a whim to drive over to Washington, DC. I took an abundance of photos while we were there that it was almost intimidating to sort through them. There was just so much to see in the four days that we visited that I could hardly stop clicking my shutter and in the end, it made for a challenging edit. Nonetheless, I finally sifted through them all and picked out some of my favorites to share an entire year later! It seemed fitting to share them now and honestly, it was so much fun to look through reminiscing of our time.


Highlights of the trip:

  • Staying in a nice hotel (for free because of my dad’s job and his hotel points!)
  • Breakfast on the go every morning
  • The bus tour visiting over 16 historical spots and driving by many others (this is a must!)
  • History lessons galore
  • Famous DC restaurant hits
  • Delicious donuts + ice cream
  • Museum visits
  • All of the beautiful cherry blossom trees (we just happened to go the week that they all bloomed!)
  • The most walking I’ve ever done on a trip
  • Sweet pride in our country and our nation’s God-fearing founders


Like I said before, the trip was very short. Definitely worth the 8 hour drive to and from but we didn’t accomplish everything we wanted to do so I guess that means we have to go back! Four days in DC is good but not enough. To tell you the truth, you could be there for weeks and still not get to see everything. I have to say, the best decision we made was purchasing expensive bus tour tickets that allowed us to see so many historical sites in such a short amount of time. Plus, the guide provided extra little bits of knowledge (and humor) we would have otherwise not received if we went to all of these places on our own. In the end, we loved our trip and I can’t wait to go back! Hopefully Clay can tag along next time.


The city was always bustling with workers and tourist during the day. Although, one of the strangest things was as soon as it started to get dark, the streets were empty.

My dad decided that he wanted to have a career change and become a power nap studio manager.

I have to say that the Washington Monument is probably my favorite out of them all because you can see it in almost every place in the city.

Our tour guide brought us to a remote cherry blossom location that wasn’t full of tourists and it was the best! Everywhere else was saturated with people. The blooms only last about a week so we felt extra special knowing we showed up at the perfect time.

There’s the monument again.

My parents really loved this stop. A few tears were even shed reflecting on the impact a single man can make on a nation.

There is so much history in this country and if nothing at all, this trip brought out a sense of pride and reminded me of how far we have come and how far we still have yet to go.

As liberal as this country has become, visiting DC was a sweet reminder of how God was involved in its early history with its founders, presidents, and government. As great as this nation is, we can’t rely on any individual or governing body to be our savior. I’m thankful for each of those in this country, but I’m even more thankful that I know Jesus and that God is who I put my complete trust in.

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