After just launching my new website and changing a few things in my business for 2020, you might have noticed that I reference the term “hybrid photography” throughout my site. Today’s blog post is going to break this topic down for those of you who want to know more about what that means. In the […]

What Is Hybrid Photography?

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Friends, it has been way too long since I did a complete overhaul on my website, 2017 to be exact. After suffering from a bit of burnout towards the end of 2019, I knew I needed to make it a priority to take some time off. Honestly, I am so glad that I did because […]

A New Year Calls For A Pretty New Website!


Scott + Saylor met each other very early in their lives. If you ask them it wasn’t love-at-first-sight but clearly that has changed. Just look at the way they make each other smile. It was very adorable and I had so much fun with them! The day of their session was the prettiest fall evening […]

A Fall Downtown Fort Wayne Engagement Session | Scott + Saylor


Chris + Rachel’s wedding day is certainly one to remember. Between the blistering cold winds and the breath-taking sunset, you never really knew what to expect as far as the weather goes. Not to mention that the couple and everyone else taking part in the day were total troupers! The weather didn’t stop these two […]

A Bluestem Hall Wedding For Chris + Rachel

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Josh and Brittany have a way about themselves as a couple that you just know they are meant for each other. I noticed it right away after our first meeting and definitely after their engagement session. You can see it in the way that they speak towards one another, share stories about their lives and […]

A Shades St. Park Fall Engagement Session | Josh + Brittany

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