Reed + Dani’s wedding ceremony was totally different than their original plans. They like so many other couples planning to get married during COVID-19, had to totally rethink, adjust, and change everything they had already worked through just months and even weeks before. Instead of being joined by all of their friends and family, they […]

Reed + Dani’s Intimate Ceremony At Mustard Seed Gardens


This year started off with a bang and then totally turned sideways mid March. No one could have predicted what was about to happen and it certainly changed the course of work for me in the spring. What is typically the second busiest season (after fall) for my photography schedule, March-May ended up being empty […]

Best Of Spring Minis 2020


Evan + Riley had been planning their wedding for well over a year. Little did they know that when the process began, it would turn out completely different than what they had imagined and worked toward for so many months. They, like many of my other clients, had to completely shift their wedding plans when […]

Evan + Riley’s Intimate Wedding Ceremony In Indianapolis


Since the stay at home order went into place over a month ago, I have been cooped up at home and missing my clients so bad! In an effort to step outside and be inspired by whatever was near me, I took my film camera out one dewy morning on our property and snapped some […]

Quarantine Film Snapshots Of A Dewy Morning At Home


There are 6 crucial and easy steps needed to effectively plan your lifestyle session with minimal stress and optimal outcome. In completing these 6 steps below, your session will be planned quickly and will make the most of our time together creating beautiful long-lasting memory keepsakes of your time as a family! I’d highly suggest […]

Planning Your Lifestyle Session In 6 Easy Steps