10 Bucket List Items We Hope To Accomplish Before The End Of Summer

August 3, 2022

This summer has been so great, getting to know our precious little babe as she’s grown and become such a darling little 1 year old. We’ve done a lot of fun things this summer including a lake vacation, first visits to the zoo, lots of swimming, and so many walks. Work has been a bit slow the last month and will pick back up in September so for the next few weeks we are looking forward to enjoying the last bits of summer before we head into a busy fall season! Here are 10 things we are looking forward to completing (or attempting to complete) to soak up every last bit of summer…

  1. Visit our local flower farm to fill a vase and gift it to someone special
  2. Take our lunch outside for a picnic in the yard
  3. Swim a couple more times before the pools close up for the winter
  4. Visit a splash pad
  5. Clean out my studio room closet
  6. Bake some soft pretzels again
  7. Visit our local library
  8. Clean up and budget friendly decorate our back porch so that it can be enjoyed more regularly
  9. Walk with a friend
  10. Take 2 weeks off social media to recharge for the upcoming fall

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