April 25, 2022

It was such a joy to open up our home and photograph this sweet family. They just welcomed their first baby boy into their lives and were pretty smitten. It’s no secret that the newborn life can be a bit tiring and it often leave new parents uncertain of the best way to care for their specific baby’s needs. If you are a parent, you’ve been there. But one of the really sweet things about sharing those experiences with others, especially ones who have already been there, is the immediate relief of knowing you are not alone. I really enjoyed getting to talk to them all about how great they are doing despite what it can feel like. And even more so, the photos we captured in the studio on an overcast chilly day, are truly what it was all about. I feel so lucky to capture these images for my clients. Knowing that down the road when the newborn fog starts to fade and life gets into a better rhythm, they will get to look back on and cherish the squishy cheeks of their baby boy through these images.


A Studio Newborn Session For The Aspatore Family On A Chilly Afternoon

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