April 6, 2022

7 simple and easy ways to print and display your everyday photos. Since I know so many of you are living busy lives like me and also desire to do this, here are some really fun and simple ways that I’ve printed my photos in the last year. Plus there is a link at the bottom for $20 off my favorite print shop!

1. Small square prints on thick paper that can be hung up or placed on a shelf. I’ve printed both photos from my camera and my phone and they look equally great! 

2. A large photo ledge with varying sizes, some in frames and some not. This is a great way to display the square prints since they are thick enough to stand on their own! 

3. A framed gallery wall. Don’t be afraid to print a bunch of photos and hang them together! We printed our maternity and newborn photos and absolutely love to see them everyday right here. 

4. A hardcover book of a recent family vacation. This book is of our Hilton Head family trip last summer when Halen was only 3 weeks old and it is so sweet to look at. Plus, it doubles as a print by standing up on it’s own on the shelf! 

5. Another (small) photo ledge in Halen’s room. We use a variety of sizes and orientations to create a nice look. 

6. Sometimes you are a photographer and take a lot of photos so it’s hard to choose which ones to print. In this case, I printed a bunch and clipped them to a crib frame and can switch them out any time I want. You can also see more vacation books on the tabletop and our most recent baby book that I showed on my stories last week. 

7. And another great way to use the square prints (these are super tiny) is to magnet them onto your fridge. These particular prints are there to remind me of my struggle to get pregnant and what a blessing our sweet Halen is! 
I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips and I can’t wait to see what you do with yours! Here is a link to my favorite print shop to receive $20 off your first purchase. CLICK HERE.

7 Simple And Easy Ways To Print And Display Your Everyday Photos

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