March 3, 2022

A mama living her last few weeks of pregnancy with a glow and a smile always gets me. A second, or in this case, third pregnancy is often very busy with few moments of contemplation and expectation without interruption. Yet it is still as beautiful and as hard as any other pregnancy. Lindsey told me she wanted to capture the chaos but also the joy of their lives in this season. She also told me she didn’t need many photos of her bump since its not her first time which I totally understood. And still I set her up with a few because I kept picturing her little baby boy asking his mama at the age of 7, “Do you have any photos of me in your belly?” And yes she likely has some on her phone but how sweet will it be to be able to point to one in a frame hung up on the wall. How special will that precious boy feel seeing his mama growing him inside her belly? I can just feel the radiant joy. As a third baby myself, seeing photos like that have always made me feel as special as either of my brothers. That right there is one of the reasons why I love this job. No matter what you do with your photos, taking the time to capture a moment in your life on camera makes it last a lot longer than in your memory. And when a family asks me to step into that moment and capture it for them, I know that it has lasting impact. 


Crosby In-Home Maternity Session – Indianapolis Maternity Photographer

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