October 28, 2019

If their wedding will be anything like their beautiful, adventurous, and exciting engagement session, I can hardly wait! Steven + Alli are so much fun to be around, have amazing ideas about the simplest of things, and are downright adorable. Their session took place on and around the family’s 300-acre farm where I got to learn more about who they are and what life looks like for them on a regular basis. The property was honestly stunning and a dream to photograph. Between the two of them, they do one million jobs and are rockstars at each and every one. Like I said, if this is any indication of how amazing their wedding will be I can only imagine! Enjoy this gorgeous preview of Alli + Steven’s session!


A note from the bride + groom on how they met:

“Our best friends Brandi and Clayton introduced us and set us up on a blind date. I (Alli) didn’t want to go by myself so it turned into a group date with Brandi and Clayton and the rest is history.”

Their favorite thing about each other:

“My favorite thing about Steven is that he is the calm to my storm and he always says “everything is gonna be okay” at exactly the right time.”

“My favorite thing about Alli is that she thinks I’m funny. She has a great sense of humor and she’s fun to be around.”

Their most cherished memory together:

“Our most cherished memory together is our vacation to Colorado that ended in a proposal when we got back to the farm. Steven planned on proposing while we were in Colorado but he said “it didn’t feel like us”. So, when we got home, we went on a ride and Steven took me to the quarry where we had our first real date, just the 2 of us, and he proposed where it all began 3 years ago.”

What they look most forward to after their wedding:

“After the wedding, we are looking forward to finishing our add-on to our farmhouse and starting a family together.”

Steven + Alli || Engaged

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