November 6, 2020

I have had the pleasure of photographing this sweet family many times. This was my first time in their home and it felt so special. I immediately got greeted as soon as I walked through the door by Landon and Sawyer who wanted to show me around and bring me to their rooms. Each Brown kiddo has custom made furniture and pieces in their room from their daddy and they love showing them off (plane for Lyam, castle bed for Sawyer, and fort bed for Landon). Baby Lyam was a doll to photograph and that hair! Have you ever seen such beautiful and full hair on a newborn baby? Now I can’t take credit for some of the cute poses because mom and dad had some incredible ideas for their session. I’ll let you admire their creativity for many of these photos. Nonetheless, it was a fun, loud, and exciting session for baby #3 of the Brown family!


The Brown’s Newborn Session In Their Aviation Themed Nursery

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