November 11, 2020

It is with absolute joy and excitement that Clay and I get to share that we are expecting our miracle, long-awaited, rainbow baby in May 2021! This has been a very long and unpredictable journey for us in our 7 years of marriage. Many of you probably don’t know our story and to those of you who do and who have supported and prayed for us along the way, you have been a God-send. I hope to share more details of our journey with you in the future but for now, just know that we are excited and can not wait to finally become parents in 2021! Our baby is already so loved by our family and friends and we can not be more appreciative and full of gratitude for this season.

For those of you still on your journey of waiting, and the sight of another pregnancy announcement stings, we want you to know that we feel your pain. It won’t last forever and we are always a shoulder to lean on or have an ear to lend in this season of your life. God knows we desperately needed those people who fulfilled that role in our lives. Keep your head up and moving forward. Much love to all of our friends, family, and clients!


A Very Special Announcement For Our Little Family

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