September 29, 2020

I met Noah and Meredith at the Indianapolis Arts Garden on an early overcast Saturday morning. I instantly adored their personalities and we got right to work creating magic! It was so easy to coach them into poses because everything felt so natural and authentic. I loved watching them laugh at and with each other and had so much fun capturing their love as we walked around and enjoyed great conversation and beautiful scenery. Their Laurel Hall wedding next summer will be absolutely beautiful, I just know it! And you’ll definitely enjoy the answers to their questions below. A lot of truth and a good picture into what their relationship has been like and will be like in the future.


A word from the bride + groom on how they met:

Noah: “I don’t remember exactly when I met Meredith the first time; we have just been in each other’s lives for too long to remember our first meeting. My first memory of Meredith was riding the bus home from elementary school. She was taking piano lessons from a family friend down the street and was sitting in the seat across from me on the bus. I remember thinking that she was pretty cute. We became close friends in high school, and the rest is history!”

Meredith: “Noah and I went to the same elementary and middle school and knew of each other from a young age. We attended the same church and even took piano lessons from the same family friend. Though we were familiar with each other for years, it wasn’t until high school that we became close friends. We ran in the same crowd and spent many years enjoying each other’s company platonically. Our friendship continued at Purdue, and we went on our first date in the winter of 2017. It took Noah about six more months to convince me to be his “girlfriend”, and on May 1, 2020 we got engaged!”

Their favorite thing about each other:

Noah: “Meredith is my biggest supporter and encourager. She is the person I trust the most in the whole world. My favorite thing about her is that she loves me for me, with all my faults and weaknesses. She encourages me in moments of stress and supports me when I am overwhelmed.” 

Meredith: “Noah has a tremendous ability to recognize and respond to value. He can tell when something matters and communicates its value so well through his words and actions. This applies to his relationships, work, and play. He cares for me so lovingly and guides me with his intentional and perceptive outlook. Noah sees the best in me and helps me see and use it too.” 

Their most cherished memory together:

Noah: “One spring break Meredith and I went to Florida with some friends. We stayed on a remote island with no cars or paved roads. We were disconnected from the rest of the world. We were able to be fully present with each other without the distractions of work, school, or anything else. My most cherished memory is walking down the sandy beach hand-in-hand and talking, sharing our hopes, dreams, and plans for the future. We didn’t always agree on what those plans should be, but we were able to communicate our thoughts and desires and set the stage for clear communication about what our future lives may hold.”

Meredith: “Immediately following my graduation from Purdue, Noah and I took a roadtrip to Toronto and Montreal. We spent a week doing our favorite things: exploring new places, eating good food, taking long walks, and spending endless hours talking. One afternoon, we were taking a particularly long walk towards a vista. We were on the path circling the hill, and Noah pointed out a set of stairs that appeared to lead to the vista. I was convinced the stairs were a dead end, and Noah agreed to continue the ridiculous circling. We eventually made it to the top; Noah was rewarded with an espresso at the chalet, and I was rewarded with a ridiculously beautiful view. It turns out the stairs we had seen led directly to the top and would have saved us an hour of walking. We did not agree on the right path to our goal, but Noah supported me anyway. When I realized my mistake, I apologized for my stubbornness, and we laughed about it. It is a silly analogy, but so often in life we find ourselves meandering towards a goal, uncertain about how to achieve it. I am grateful for a memory that reminds me I have someone trusting, patient, and gracious alongside me.”

What they look most forward to after their wedding:

Noah: “I am most looking forward to consistently being together. My absolute favorite thing is to spend quality time with Meredith. We have been long distance for a large part of our relationship, so it will be a welcome change to be together every day.”

Meredith: “After being off-and-on long distance for the majority of our dating and engaged relationship, I am looking forward to just being together! I am very excited about building a home together and learning how to best support each other as a team. We love taking on projects and challenges together, and I’m sure there will be plenty of those in the near future.”


Noah + Meredith’s Indianapolis Arts Garden Engagement Session

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