August 4, 2020

I adore these two. They were up for absolutely anything when it came down to their session and that makes my job so much fun! I met them at Landon’s family property where we explored, got wet, and definitely got into some poison ivy! Not to mention how humid and hot it was. I will embarrassingly admit that my clothes were drenched by the end and not from the creek. 😉 All jokes aside, it was a picturesque evening and Landon and Kaelyn were rock stars! Kaelyn looked stunning even by the end when we were all a mess. You can tell that Landon loves her so much because of the way that he held her in his arms and looked into her eyes. It was the sweetest thing ever and I very much look forward to watching them get married next year!


A word from the bride + groom on how they met:

Landon: “Kaelyn and I met in high school. She was a freshman when I was a senior. We had both very obviously had a thing for each other then. It was shortly after I had graduated, we met on her birthday and have been together ever since.”

Kaelyn: “Landon and I originally met in high school when he was senior and I was a freshman. While we had some short conversations together, it never really went beyond that. About two years later we reconnected after Landon moved back to the area to transfer colleges. We went on our first date on my 17th birthday and had an immediate connection. I was head over heels and we have been together ever since!”

Their favorite thing about each other:

Landon: “My favorite thing about Kaelyn has to be how much she goes above and beyond for us. Not only is she always going above and beyond for our relationship but in all aspects of life.” 

Kaelyn: “My favorite thing about Landon is how caring and patient he is. He has the biggest heart for other people and would literally give his last dime to help someone else out. He always ensures other people are taken care of. He also has so, so much patience and really spends time helping other people.” 

Their most cherished memory together:

Landon: “We have made so many amazing memories together, but the day we got engaged is so special in my heart. We had all our family there that day and it was truly amazing.”

Kaelyn: “Landon and I have made countless memories over the years, but my favorite one is the day of our engagement. Landon had planned for his sister to take some photos of us for our four-year anniversary. The photos were planned at Turkey Run State Park, a good forty minutes from our house and it was snowing like crazy the day of. I kept asking Landon to reschedule the pictures, as I didn’t want to have to drive on the windy roads down there or have his sister have to. Landon refused to reschedule, so I was honestly a little annoyed with him (lol). We took a few pictures together and on the last one, he proposed! Afterward, we went to get lunch and he had his and my family there waiting. We spent the rest of the day visiting and calling family and friends to tell them the news. It was so thoughtful and well planned out!”

What they look most forward to after their wedding:

Landon: “I really look forward to the Honeymoon. It will be so nice getting a vacation together as a married couple coming off of the most amazing day of our life.”

Kaelyn: “The thing I look forward to the most is just getting to do life with Landon. I look forward to spending so much time with him and going through all of the different stages with him.”


Landon + Kaelyn’s Waveland Engagement Session Down By The Creek

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