July 24, 2020

Your photography timeline may or may not allow for photos of the getting ready portion of the day. More often then not, we show up once everyone is nearly ready and then photograph the finishing touches of hair and makeup before having the bride slip into her dress. That means there will be photos taken inside the getting ready room. Sometimes these spaces are less than ideal with very small square footages and poor lighting. That however does not stop us from getting great photos but there are a couple of things you can do to help prepare for this part of the day and make it picture ready!


Clear the clutter: This is the easiest and best thing you can do to make the getting ready room ready for photos. Once hair and makeup are complete, the room can be tidied, bags can be packed and put away, trash can be cleared and things can be organized. By doing this before we arrive on your wedding day, that saves us the time it takes to clean it while we are there. Or worse, in not doing so, we may not be able to use the room at all because who wants to see all that clutter everywhere in their photos?


Consider using a room with better lighting: You can’t always help the lighting situation in the getting ready room so there have been many times where we step outside of that room and use a place with prettier lighting. That also helps alleviate the need to declutter if the room is too messy. For example, the above photo was taken in the transit of the church because their getting ready room had zero natural light and was very full of all the lady’s things. It ended up working out perfectly with gorgeous light and a clutter-free space!


Purchase robes or matching shirts for everyone: This helps make everyone in the bridal party look uniform and picture ready before they even slip on their dresses/clothes. It makes the photos look a whole lot better compared to everyone wearing random t-shirts and shorts. Plus, it is a fun keepsake to have after the wedding. It doesn’t have to be fancy but always makes the getting ready photos look better!


Use a small corner of the room: If the space is too large to clean or there are unpleasant decorations that can’t be moved, consider using a small corner of the getting ready room. You’ll more than likely have at least one small little space that is free of clutter and easy to use. We pride ourselves in making the best of any situation and that includes the getting ready room. Even if we are left with only a few feet of usable space, we will make it work for us!


Consider doing a “first look” with your bridal party: These are super fun to watch and always capture genuine emotion. Before you put your dress or suit on, have your men or ladies step outside of the room and then when you are ready, reveal your self to them for a fun photo op. There might even be a few tears present.


I hope these tips help you make the most of your getting ready portion of the wedding day. Just know that we will come in ready to serve and help make any part of your day beautiful. Even if that does mean clearing clutter, finding a better room with prettier light, or making the most of the tiniest dark room we have.

The Getting Ready Room and How To Make It Picture Ready

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