3 Things About Our Wedding That I Truly Cherish

August 20, 2019

It has been way too long since I wrote a post not directly tied to a wedding or session! Now through the end of 2019, I will be sharing some none client-related blog posts that I am super excited about! If you have any specific topics you’d like me to discuss, send me an email at Today I will be talking about 3 things that I truly cherish about our wedding, 6 years after the fact!


3 Things About Our Wedding That I Truly Cherish:


1. The decision to not get overly stressed about the planning. My husband and I were really young when we got married, Clay was 23, and I was 20. Because we were so young, our budget was limited. I was still in college and he had barely started his first full-time job so our parents played a huge role in helping us pull it all together. When we first started planning, it was really important to both of us that we thought through everything in a budget-friendly way and in a way that highlighted what was truly important to us. At the time, it was really important to us that the wedding didn’t consume our joy. Having witnessed and been a part of several prior to ours, we knew that planning a wedding could get stressful and overwhelming very quickly. Because of that, we made sure that our decisions lined up with our priorities and whenever we made a decision, we would move on after the fact and not spend time stressing or hesitating about it. It was a really joyful time and though it did get overwhelming at times, it was not stressful enough to take our eyes from the main objective! It is something we both look back on fondly and I love that!


2. The venue that we chose for our wedding. It was nothing fancy by any means. We chose it because it was on a beautiful property, would fit the number of guests we were inviting and had a home that we could all share the days leading up to our wedding. I have specific and fond memories of spending time with our family and friends at the house the day and night before our wedding. It was almost as if we were all on a short trip/vacation together. There was something so sweet and special about waking up the next day and not having to drive anywhere. We all took our time eating breakfast, enjoying our coffee and watching the beautiful sunrise.


3. The photographer that we hired. Now this one might feel a little slanted but I promise you, is one of our most cherished parts of our wedding. As a wedding photographer now, I am often asked if I would do things differently or if I regret anything. It would be easy to say after being a part of many beautiful, well organized, more expensive weddings to assume or decide that I would have done something differently but that is not true at all. And one of those things is the decision of hiring a great wedding photographer. We still had a limited budget but photography was very important to us because we knew that photos would be one of the longest-lasting memories to take with us after the fact and because of that, it influenced who we asked to be our photographer for our wedding day. Just this week I ordered some large prints of our wedding to hang in our bedroom because it just got remodeled and I look at the photos with such joy and appreciation for my husband but also for the fact that we specifically allocated extra money to hire someone who would provide us with excellent service and beautiful work.

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