Be prepared to see lots of color, ocean, and pictures of the ship. It was a reoccurring theme throughout the trip. As most cruises typically go, we had a lot of fun eating more than we ever thought possible, drinking every drink on the menu and exploring islands in the Bahamas. Before heading out on […]

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Earlier in June, Clay and I decided to rent an Airbnb just a quick drive down to southern Indiana for a few nights. I knew that busy season was just about to hit and we wanted to do one more adventurous/relaxing thing before things got crazy. And I am so glad that we did! I […]

Linton, IN || Travels

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Summer feels like the LONGEST of the seasons and this one has been so crazy for us! Between moving and the peak of wedding season, I have hardly had one thought about goals. Eeek, I know but when you are focused on tasks getting from one wedding to the next, little room is left to […]

Summer 2018 || Goals


As of late, I have been feeling the push to be quiet and listen rather than spending so much of my energy trying to come up with what to write here. It seems fitting since I often find myself lacking the words to type or even say to compel how I truly feel or think. […]

5 Years


Moving was definitely a surprise to Clay and I. It wasn’t even on our radar of things we thought we would do this year, let along next. There is quite the story that goes along with it and we knew all along that we wanted to share it once things finally calmed down. It’s going to […]

We Moved and Here’s Why

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