May 3, 2021

I will not pretend that we are DIY masters or design experts but I will say that we enjoy taking a space and enhancing it the best that we can. In this case, our master bedroom needed a bit of a facelift. It was a project that we worked on over the course of a year and mostly consisted of cosmetic upgrades. We kept all of our original furniture from our previous home and might upgrade those in the future. Our main goal was to get it looking more updated and cleaner on a short timeline and a small budget. I think we accomplished just that.


The original space had white stained shag carpet that was really soft but did not look pleasant. It also had wallpaper and an off white ceiling with an outdated light fixture. It honestly was not that bad but in an effort to upgrade, we kept things simple and neutral. I believe we painted the ceiling first which makes a huge difference in brightening up any space! Then we attempted to tear the wallpaper off behind the door which proved to be incredibly difficult so for the first time ever, we painted over existing wallpaper. It’s not perfect by any stretch of the means but it honestly looks pretty great! You can only see a lot of the imperfections when the light hits it just right and since it is a master bedroom, we didn’t care that the walls had some texture to them. If I never said anything, I honestly don’t think you would notice. So far it is holding up very well and we are thankful we didn’t have to spend weeks ripping one tiny piece of wallpaper off at a time.


Clay added new flooring that we choose to match the window trim because we decided not to paint the windows. I like the use of some natural wood in decorating and after painting every window and piece of trim in our previous house, I just wasn’t ready to commit to that size of a project. We did however paint the trim white which I think is a nice modern touch. After adding a new light fixture and hanging things on the wall, it was pretty much done. We did buy blackout curtains and then I decorated with whatever I had in the house so it was a fairly simple and inexpensive project! It doesn’t look 100% like what I hope to keep in the long run but it is definitely an improvement. The nice thing about doing some cosmetic changes a little bit at a time is that as your style evolves, you can make simple adjustments along the way. For example, I initially wanted to paint the dresser and possibly get a new bed frame and night stands but like I said, one thing at a time and those are things we can upgrade in the future. I hope you enjoy seeing our master bedroom transformation!


Before + After Comparisons:

Our Little House || Master Bedroom Transformation

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