January 15, 2021

As cliche and silly as they sound, we decided to go ahead and plan a gender reveal party and it was honestly so much fun! Getting to this point in our life/marriage was a long and difficult journey so what better way to celebrate this beautiful gift by inviting our immediate family over for a little party. The theme was “He or She, What will our little pumpkin be?” It was actually kind of a stressful thing to pull together because we had a lot of issues with the test that we took (I ended up taking 3 blood tests) and we weren’t even sure until 2 days prior that we would even be able to have the party. Luckily enough, our results came in just in time. My sister-in-law was sent the answer so that she could give us the proper color popper at the party. We told everyone to wear blue or pink as their vote, ordered tons of pizza, set out snacks, and decorated just for fun.

Clay and I decided to vote against each other so that we knew one of us would be right. I went with blue because I actually was hoping for a girl but didn’t want to get my hopes up and the same for Clay. He was hoping for a boy but voted with a pink shirt to not get his hopes up. Much to our surprise, it was pink so in the end he won for wearing the right color and I won because that is what I was kind of hoping for! Either way, we would have both been happy. It truly is a gift and blessing to be here and celebrate this pregnancy.

The votes on the chalkboard were about 50/50 before we popped the popper but everyone on my social media were a bit more accurate with 60/40 with a girl in favor. As soon as the pieces of paper filled up the room (we are still finding some when we move furniture) I couldn’t help but tear up because things started to become more of a reality and now we could start thinking of our baby in more specific ways. We probably will not do this for our next baby because it was a bit overwhelming but honestly, I am so happy that we did and it was such a joy to get to celebrate our baby girl with our dearest family. Thanks to Victoria Hunt for coming over and snapping some of these so we could cherish the memories!


Our “He or She, What Will Our Little Pumpkin Be?” Gender Reveal Party

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