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November 14, 2019

Josh and Brittany have a way about themselves as a couple that you just know they are meant for each other. I noticed it right away after our first meeting and definitely after their engagement session. You can see it in the way that they speak towards one another, share stories about their lives and look into each other’s eyes. It is seriously adorable and is something that is truly special about who they are.

Their engagement session took place at Shades State Park where we sought out the prettiest trees and the best light. It could not have turned out better if you ask me. Between the gorgeous fall colors, the adorably in love couple and the bright sun shining down on us, it was perfect. Their wedding can’t come soon enough so enjoy this preview of their session and get a load of how incredibly detailed and funny their responses were to my questions below!


A note from the bride + groom on how they met:

Brittany: “We met through the dreaded app known as Tinder. This still makes me cringe whenever someone asks where we met but in this day and age I think it is starting to become normal. Josh and I had been messaging for a while on tinder and exchanged phone numbers. We had gone to Starbucks and had lunch once before I actually knew this was someone I wanted to date. It’s an embarrassing and funny story of how you can say we ended up together. It was a Saturday and I was honestly supposed to have a date that evening with someone other than Josh. But I attended a beer fest with co-workers that day and I had a little too much and had to cancel the date. I ended up texting Josh about it and that I was a little drunk and hungry but unable to drive. The sweet guy knowing I was scheduled to have another date that night picked me up, got me Kilroy’s breadsticks to sober me up (also Advil and water) and tried to take care of me. That night we walked around the canal in Broad Ripple and just talked. I knew after that he was a sweet and kind man that I wanted in my life.”

Josh: “Brittany and I met each other after swiping right on one another on Tinder. Everyone knows the “stigma” behind Tinder, at first Brittany was very skeptical of having the dating app as it was her first time using one. For myself, it wasn’t my first experience with a dating app. I was delighted such a beautiful woman such as Brittany would consider swiping on me. We chatted on the app for a few days before I offered her my phone number which she was nervous about.”

Their favorite thing about each other:

Brittany: “My favorite thing about Josh… I love the way that Josh pushes me. He is always striving to make me the best version of myself. He is my biggest supporter. He is my cheerleader. He believes in me so much even on days when I don’t believe in myself. Josh is kind and selfless. Josh came into the relationship not knowing what it was going to be like dating a single mom. Not only does he show this love and support to me but he does my son Cooper. My favorite thing about him is he has the same love and passion for my son that he does for me. Josh stepped up and became a father figure to my son. He attends school functions and class parties, basketball games, and parent-teacher conferences. He sits at the table at night with my son and helps him with homework and then the two of them will have a nerf gun fight or chase each other around the living room wrestling around. It takes a lot to love another person’s child and Josh loves Cooper so much and I love that about him. He is patient with us both and he is so full of grace. Josh worries that he will not be a good father someday but I look at the way he is with my son and how much Cooper loves and adores Josh and Josh doesn’t realize that he already has become an amazing father. I know he will make an amazing husband too.”

Josh: “My favorite thing about Brittany…. there isn’t just one! The way Brittany laughs makes my heart smile. She has the most infectious smile, which only makes you want to smile for yourself and feel warm inside. Her eyes are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It’s like constantly staring into a blue ocean only found in the tropical parts of the world. Ultimately, the type of mother she is is what I love the most. Seeing the way she raises her son Cooper brings the utmost joy to me, their interactions make me incredibly happy. I am blessed to have joined their family.”

Their most cherished memory together:

Brittany: “We have a lot of cherished memories together. There are a lot of ones with Josh, Cooper and myself but this one was just Josh and I. Early when we started dating we decided to go one night to Louisville KY to see the jack-o-lantern spectacular. Basically its a long trail with like over 1,000 caved pumpkins lit up. Josh and I drove all the way there and had to wait in line for over an hour! It was also at night in October and it was freezing cold. I think my fingers and toes were numb by the end of this. Anyway what else was there to do in line for an hour but talk and get to know each other better. Josh and I talked about life and what our future goals were and where we saw ourselves, talked about my son cooper who he had not met yet. We talked about what it meant to date someone with a kid and the commitment, we talked about past relationships and just about everything you can think of. When we got to the actual trail it was beautiful. There were so many lights and pumpkins. We held hands and talked more. On the drive back to Indiana I was so tired. I kept falling asleep in the car. I remember every time I looked over at Josh he was looking at me. Just staring at me watching me sleep. Yes, that sounds creepy but I could tell by the way he was looking at me he just loved and cared for me.”

Josh: “One of my most cherished memories was one of the first dates we had, the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular in Louisville, Ky. While we stood in line for nearly two hours in the freezing wind, it allowed us to have a meaningful conversation and enjoy the company of one another. The day I proposed to her is also a cherished memory. I had never been so nervous in my life.”

What they look most forward to after their wedding:

Brittany: “This answer will probably terrify Josh but I look forward to starting a family. Josh and I have gone back and forth about having more kids..mainly because it terrifies Josh. But like I explained before Josh is already a dad to a son he didn’t make. I see the way Josh is and I look forward to having kids of our own. He will make an amazing father. We are looking at houses already and I can’t wait to have a new house, a new life, and start a family after the wedding. It probably won’t be right away but still I look forward to watching him be a husband and a father.”

Josh: “I am looking forward to her and I starting a life together and being a team. I look forward to her and I making memories and eventually starting a family of our own.”


A Shades St. Park Fall Engagement Session | Josh + Brittany

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