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I'm Lex and I am so glad that you are here! I live in a small town in West Central Indiana where I am joyfully praising Jesus, photographing beautiful people, and loving on my high school sweetheart and our golden-doodle Lincoln. To see some of my work or read about our life, click on one of the categories to the right or scroll down to see the latest posts.

I'm Lex and I am so glad that you are here! I live in a small town in West Central Indiana where I am joyfully praising Jesus, photographing beautiful people, and loving on my high school sweetheart and our golden-doodle Lincoln. To see some of my work or read about our life, click on one of the categories below or scroll down to see the latest posts.


We Moved and Here’s Why

June 1, 2018

Moving was definitely a surprise to Clay and I. It wasn’t even on our radar of things we thought we would do this year, let along next. There is quite the story that goes along with it and we knew all along that we wanted to share it once things finally calmed down. It’s going to be a long post so bear with me.

This whole journey all started during the first few days of February. Clay and I frequently look at realty websites just to see what is out there and to perk our curiosity of what houses look like inside. It’s a passion of ours that we love to indulge. Just ask our realtor. We often go to open houses and even went to one after we bought our current house!

When we bought our first house on Marshall St. we fell in love with its character, charm, and location but knew all along, that it wasn’t where we wanted to stay forever. It was our preference to have a larger property with more privacy which was totally lacking on Marshall. Living in town did have its perks and we are so thankful for the three years we had in that adorable home (most of which we spent remodeling and painting). It truly taught us so much and provided us with years of experience, wisdom, and care when it comes to owning and fixing up a home.

So come the first of February, Clay and I were browsing a realty website and found a house that was on a golf course. We chatted about it later and Clay suggested that we reach out to our realtor to go look at it just for fun. We thought it would be fun to live at a golf course because Clay loves to golf so we made plans to go look at it. That same day our realtor told us that he wanted to show our house because he thought he had an interested buyer. We couldn’t believe it so we decided to show the house. I, of course, was quick to panic about cleaning and all the things we hadn’t finished painting and remodeling but nonetheless, we showed our house and it wasn’t even on the market!

A few showings later and the family was VERY interested in buying our house. Still, in disbelief, we visited the golf course house and thought it was just OKAY. We ended up looking through several different houses all the while panicking ourselves into a decision because we were so excited that someone wanted to purchase our house. After a few weeks of this, I nearly had a panic attack trying to corner ourselves into buying a house we didn’t even want or could afford so we told our realtor we needed to think about it over the weekend. I never thought a panic attack could be a blessing from God but it was because that weekend a house popped up online that Clay wanted to show me. I, at first, thought it was kind of ugly with too much brown and wood but later looked at it again and agreed to actually go inside the house with our realtor. The very next day we walked through it, fell in love instantly, and made an offer hours later. We knew right away that if we were going to move, that was the house where we wanted to be.

It turns out three other families thought the same thing and put offers on it the same day we did. We prayed about it and knew that if it didn’t come through, that God was going to direct us elsewhere and that maybe selling our home then wasn’t the right time. Not long after, our offer was accepted and we bought a house! There were a few more ups and downs along the way with the house inspection and moving but here we are 2 months down the road and we couldn’t imagine a more perfect place for us. The property is much bigger, Lincoln loves it, we have chickens (and plan to add many more animals), and it really is a beautiful home. It is a work in progress as far as the style goes but we are in love!

The last thing and possibly the best part of it all is that we aren’t even sure if this whole thing was meant for us in the first place. After handing over the keys of Marshall St. to its new owners, we learned that after being together for over 10 years, having two little girls, being missionaries in another country and living in so many different houses, this was their first official purchase. The new owners are settling into Crawfordsville because of work and had dreamed of living in a bungalow style home and their dreams came true. Isn’t God amazing? Here Clay and I were living in our little house not even imagining that we would be handing the keys of our first home over to a beautiful little family blessing them with such a special gift and then ourselves moving on to a place unimaginable to our own selves. This was nothing we could dream up. God was so specific with this whole thing and we couldn’t be more thankful for it. Even that almost-panic attack.


This place has the most beautiful sunrises and is so much fun to explore. We had our niece and nephews over the other night for a slumber party and had a blast!

We had just started gardening at our other house but with all of the projects going on, we won’t be doing as much here. There is plenty of room for it and we have a lot of dreams for it all but for now, we are going to take a break from serious gardening.

We are calling it our mini farm even though we only have 4 chickens. Our dream is to expand with other animals but we shall see…

Of course, Lincoln is a fan. He loves all of the room to run without a leash!


I plan to blog my style inspiration for this house soon but thought I would at least start with the story of why we moved. If you haven’t stopped by yet, please do! We love showing people around and sharing in our joy. We have been so blessed and the least we could do is spread it around.

We Moved and Here’s Why

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